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Vermeer - The Rijksmuseum's major exhibition catalogue

Pieter Roelofs, Gregor J. M. Weber

Rembrandt (World of Art)

Christopher White

Raphael (World of Art)

Paul Joannides

Keith Tyson: Iterations and Variations

Michael Archer, Ariane Koek, Mark Rappolt, Matthew Collings, Beatrix Ruf

Miró (World of Art)

Roland Penrose

Mary Cassatt (World of Art)

Griselda Pollock

Dalí (World of Art)

Ms Dawn Ades

Cézanne (World of Art)

Richard Verdi

Spring Cannot be Cancelled

Martin Gayford, David Hockney

Theatres of Melancholy

Patrick Mauriès

A House Party in Tuscany

Amber Guinness

George Condo

Simon Baker

A New Way of Seeing

Kelly Grovier

The World New Made

Timothy Hyman

In Camera - Francis Bacon

Martin Harrison

Hogarth (World of Art)

Professor David Bindman

Looking back at Francis Bacon

David Sylvester


'Bacon and the Mind' is the first in a new series by the Francis Bacon Estate, delving deep into Bacon's life and work to explore his relationship with memory, mind and trauma.

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Kelly Grovier, the author of 'A New Way of Seeing', reveals what Botticelli’s Venus has in common with hurricanes and galaxies.

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In the extract from 'The Lives of the Surrealists' by Desmond Morris, read about the childhood that shaped Salvador Dalí's work and his first meeting with Picasso.

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'Looking at Pictures' explores the origins, designs and themes of over one hundred pictures in order to artfully expand our appreciation. Read an exclusive extract below.

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Jasper Rees speaks to Martin Gayford, art critic for The Spectator, about Bacon, Freud, 'the school of London Painters', and his book, 'Modernists and Mavericks'.

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Leading Leonardo scholar Professor Martin Kemp reflects on five decades of Da Vinci expertise, and shines a light into the art world’s darkest corners.

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Edgar Degas’s interest in the day-to-day activities of ordinary people changed painting forever, while his commitment to drawing was no less radical.

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Drawn from the British Museum's rich collection, 'Places of the Mind' is the first exhibition devoted to British landscape drawings and watercolours. Here we celebrate 60 works that have never before been either exhibited or published.

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Historic interiors consultant and author of 'Anatomy of Colour' Patrick Baty explains how paint can reveal the secrets of a building’s past.

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