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On Photographs

David Campany

John Nash

The Landscape of Love and Solace Andy Friend, David Dimbleby

Street Art Africa

Cale Waddacor

Furniture in Architecture

The Work of Luke Hughes – Arts & Crafts in the Digital Age Aidan Walker, Tanya Harrod

What happens when we look: David Campany on photography’s flux

In this essay from his book ‘On Photographs’, David Campany examines the seemingly ordinary act of looking at a photograph. Unpredictable and inscrutable, images, he argues, are anything but mundane.

Wallpaper, rebellion & ‘A Bigger Splash’: Books on British artists to add to your reading list

From 20th-century landscape painting to the latest installations, take a trip through British art history with these books on iconic British artists including John Nash, David Hockney, Bridget Riley, Grayson Perry, Aubrey Beardsley, William Morris and more.

The ancient origins of contemporary creativity: ‘The Story of Scottish Art’

From the Neolithic age to contemporary Glasgow, ‘The Story of Scottish Art’ charts an epic 5,000 years of bold creative tradition. In this evocative extract, author Lachlan Goudie visits the tidal island of Oronsay, exploring a powerful and surprising link to his artistic heritage.

Painting, polyamory and enduring love: John Nash and Christine Kühlenthal

This moving extract from ‘John Nash: The Landscape of Love and Solace’ details the enduring and unconventional love shared by painter John Nash and Christine Kühlenthal. The fifty-eight-year relationship, which permitted ‘outside loves’, withstood time, distance and the horrors of war.

'A certain amount of the wild': Bridget Riley’s prints

This essay by Professor Robert Kudielka, extracted from ‘Bridget Riley: The Complete Prints’, explores the artist’s dynamic ventures in printmaking throughout her career.

Inside some of the world’s most beautiful kitchens

A Swedish forest retreat, a light-filled former London school and a dreamy yellow kitchen hidden in Paris’ Left Bank. From minimalist masterpieces to Art Deco accents, these signature spaces from ‘Wild Kitchen’ are an endless source of kitchen design inspiration.

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