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William Smith’s Geological Maps Robert Macfarlane

Anime Architecture

Imagined Worlds and Endless Megacities Stefan Riekeles

Japanese Design Since 1945

A Complete Sourcebook Naomi Pollock, Masaaki Kanai

Antony Gormley and Martin Gayford on the incomparable power of sculpture

In this extract from 'Shaping the World', renowned sculptor Antony Gormley and art historian Martin Gayford discuss the awe-inspiring experience of encountering an eleven-foot winged lion, and the power of sculpture to 'reach across time'.

The unsung women of Egyptology

Much of our understanding of ancient Egypt comes thanks to the work of scholars and archaeologists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including female Egyptologists whose contributions are, sadly, less widely known than their male counterparts. Here are three women who embarked on passionate, plucky – and sometimes reckless – Egyptian expeditions.

The innovative alphabets of Takenobu Igarashi

Step inside the mind of typography giant Takenobu Igarashi, whose iconic 3D letters lend a whole new dimension to graphic design and visual communication.

‘Reasons… to continue’: Matisse’s livres d’artiste at The Centre Pompidou, Paris

Louise Rogers Lalaurie, author of 'Matisse: The Books', visits the artist’s 150th birthday retrospective in Paris and shares her experience of the extraordinary works on display.

Google, but for Gauguin: The internet, the future and a search engine for art

In a world of targeted ads and personalised recommendations, Matthew Israel reflects on building the ‘first large-scale search recommendation technology for art’ in this extract from ‘A Year in the Art World’.

The Making of the Book: Egyptologists’ Notebooks

‘Elephant’ folios, ancient fascinations and two-hundred-year-old travel permits. From the British Library to the banks of the Nile, head behind the scenes of ‘Egyptologists’ Notebooks’ with author and renowned Egyptologist Chris Naunton and picture researcher Sally Nicholls.

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