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Podcast: Splendour, water, and light: The immense art history of Venice

Posted on 21 Nov 2023

In this episode, art critic Martin Gayford takes us on a breathtaking journey through five centuries of art history in Venice, exploring masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, Peggy Guggenheim’s palazzo, the kaleidoscopic Venice Biennale and more.

Claude Monet. Palazzo da Mula, Venice, 1908.

Martin Gayford’s book Venice: City of Pictures takes readers on a visual journey through five centuries of Venetian image making, including works by Titian, Canaletto, Ruskin, Turner, Monet, Manet and more. In this episode, Gayford takes us through the canals and palazzos of this ‘uniquely pictorial’ place, and its many incarnations throughout history.



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This episode was presented by Eliza Apperly. Intro and outro audio by Eliza Apperly and Benjamin Nash.

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