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RoseLee Goldberg

Eisenstein on Paper

Naum Kleiman

Woody Allen

Tom Shone


Alex Ross, Nicola Dibben, Timothy Morton Out of stock

Derek Jarman Super 8

James Mackay Out of stock

Moments that Made the Movies

David Thomson Out of stock

Derek Jarman's Sketchbooks

Stephen Farthing, Ed Webb-Ingall Out of stock

Sirens & Sinners

Hans Helmut Prinzler Out of stock

The Theatre (World of Art)

Phyllis Hartnoll


Richard Schickel Out of stock

History of Film (World of Art)

David Parkinson Out of stock

Fashion Designers at the Opera

Helena Matheopoulos Out of stock

Franco Zeffirelli

Caterina Napoleone

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Jan Harlan, Jane M. Struthers Out of stock

Asian Theatre Puppets

Robin Ruizendaal, Wang Hanshun

Russian and Soviet Theatre

Konstantin Rudnitsky, Lesley Milne Out of stock