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Raphael (World of Art)

Paul Joannides

The Wyvern Collection

Paul Williamson

The Life of Raphael

Giorgio Vasari, Rick Scorza, Paul Joannides

The Life of Leonardo da Vinci

Giorgio Vasari, Martin Kemp, Lucy Russell

A New History of Italian Renaissance Art

Stephen J. Campbell, Michael W. Cole

Shoes (Accessories)

Lucy Johnston, Linda Woolley


John Freely, Augusto Romano Burelli Out of stock

El Greco

Fernando Marias Out of stock

Palazzo Te

Ugo Bazzotti

Renaissance People

Robert C. Davis, Beth Lindsmith Out of stock

Leonardo da Vinci

Alessandro Vezzosi, Alexandra Bonfante-Warren


It was the Old Master's anniversary in January of this year, but amid the crowds and the selfies, the souvenirs and the queues, it can be easy to feel a certain da Vinci fatigue. Enter Giorgio Vasari’s 'Life of Leonardo', replete with all the artist’s original and revolutionary force.

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Leading Leonardo scholar Professor Martin Kemp reflects on five decades of Da Vinci expertise, and shines a light into the art world’s darkest corners.

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