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Figurative Art

Cézanne (World of Art)

Richard Verdi

Drawing: A Complete Guide

Stephen C.P. Gardner

A Chronology of Art

Iain Zaczek Out of stock

What is Painting?

Julian Bell

Interviews with Francis Bacon

David Sylvester

Intimate Geometries

Robert Storr Out of stock

Hockney's Portraits and People

Marco Livingstone, Kay Heymer

Mumbling Beauty

Alex Van Gelder

Lois Greenfield

Lois Greenfield, William A. Ewing

The Self-Portrait

James Hall

Picturing People

Charlotte Mullins


Take a look at the exciting new sculptures from '100 Sculptors of Tomorrow', the book that celebrates and sculpture and opens the definition of the medium.

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Kurt Beers, founder and director of Beers London art gallery, on finding the most exciting sculptors working today.

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'Bacon and the Mind' is the first in a new series by the Francis Bacon Estate, delving deep into Bacon's life and work to explore his relationship with memory, mind and trauma.

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Fashion and pop culture are rife with androgynous imagery but, look carefully, and it was there all along…

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A robust corrective to the notion of the 20th century as the age of abstraction, Timothy Hyman’s vision of modernism is as compelling as one of his paintings.

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