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Cosmic Numerology

Jenn King

If I had a unicorn (If I had a…)

Gabby Dawnay, Alex Barrow

Symbols of the Occult

Eric Chaline, Mark Stavish

Marvellous Magicians

Lydia Corry

Ancient Egyptian Magic

Christina Riggs

The Spectacle of Illusion

Matthew L. Tompkins, Wellcome Collection Out of stock

The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic

Christopher Dell

Tantra (Art and Imagination)

Philip Rawson Out of stock

A New History of Witchcraft

Jeffrey B. Russell, Brooks Alexander Out of stock


Author and magician-turned-experimental psychologist Matthew L. Tompkins shows us how magicians and psychics in the 18th century used deception to blur the lines between our world and the supernatural.

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'The Spectacle of Illusion' is the official book accompanying the Wellcome Collection’s new exhibition 'Smoke and Mirrors'. The exhibition opened 11 April 2019, and you can prepare yourself for going to the exhibition by reading an extract from the book here.

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Discover a love potion from the ancient world in this extract from 'Ancient Magic'.

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