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French House Chic

Jane Webster

France is a Feast

Alex Prud'homme, Katherine Pratt


Catherine Pégard, Christophe Fouin Out of stock

Intimate Geometries

Robert Storr

In the Gardens of Impressionism

Clare A. P. Willsdon

Jewelry by Suzanne Belperron

Patricia Corbett, Ward Landrigan, Nico Landrigan, Karl Lagerfeld

Mumbling Beauty

Alex Van Gelder


Discover how ancient Greek sculpture inspired Rodin to set a radical new direction for modern art at this new, highly-acclaimed British Museum exhibition.

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Meet French illustrator, paper and textile designer Hélène Druvert, and discover her special paper cut-out technique.

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In the early 1980s, archaeologist Paul Bahn brought a group of visitors to the Pech Merle Museum of prehistoric art in the Lot valley, which at the time was curated by Michel Lorblanchet, a leading authority on Palaeolithic art. Some 30 years after that first meeting the idea for their book 'The First Artists: In Search of the World’s Oldest Art' was born. Here, these two leading lights discuss the oldest and, arguably, greatest art of all.

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A unique portrait of the Château of Versailles, including 250 previously unseen images from the archives of the palace's four official photographers.

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