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Seven Keys to Modern Art

Simon Morley

The Duchamp Dictionary

Thomas Girst

The Shock of the New

Robert Hughes


Author, artist and art historian Simon Morley talks about his new book, 'Seven Keys to Modern Art', in which he examines 20 well- known but little-understood works of art.

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Take a look at the exciting new sculptures from '100 Sculptors of Tomorrow', the book that celebrates and sculpture and opens the definition of the medium.

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Kurt Beers, founder and director of Beers London art gallery, on finding the most exciting sculptors working today.

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From Ancient Greek sculptures to Islamic calligraphy, written language has been an element of artistic. We turn to 'The Word is Art' to ask how artists use words in the age of Twitter and textspeak?

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If you find yourself sympathising with the cleaners who, over the years, have mistaken works of art for piles of rubbish, then curators Kyung An and Jessica Cerasi have got your back. The pair met around ten years ago when they were working as interns at the Guggenheim Museum, New York, and since then have become experts at explaining contemporary art to baffled friends and family.

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