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The Story of Costume

John Peacock


A beautifully illustrated, full-colour history of costume, produced by bestselling author John Peacock especially for children


This beautifully illustrated, full-colour history of costume has been produced by bestselling author John Peacock especially for children. With over 325 hand-drawings and clearly written descriptions on every page, it is sure to delight and inspire any child aged eight and above who has an interest in fashion or history.

This indispensable reference book covers:

• every historical period from Ancient Greek and Byzantine times, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, right down the centuries to the present day

• a broad array of social classes, from servants and labourers to nobility and royalty

• a wide geographical variety of costume, from the tunics of Ancient Egypt and the togas of Ancient Rome to the royal finery of sixteenth-century England, the garb of the French revolutionary and beyond

• every aspect of fashion, including shoes, hats, bags and other accessories, as well as jewelry and hairstyles.

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'Beautifully illustrated … sure to delight and inspire any child aged eight and above who has an interest in fashion or history'
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Product Information

Book Details

Format: PLC (with jacket)

Size: 20.0 x 27.0 cm

Extent: 48 pp

Illustrations: 328

Publication date: 29 August 2006

ISBN: 9780500513095

Contents List

Introduction • Ancient Egypt 200–1200BC • Ancient Crete 2000–1200BC and Ancient Greece 600–150BC • Ancient Babylon and Assyria 1200–500BC and Persia 600–500BC Ancient Rome 100BC–AD500 and Byzantium 500BC–AD1200 • Late Antiquity and the Dark Ages 100–1000 • Early Middle Ages 1000–1100 • High Middle Ages 1100–1200 • The Age of the Crusades 1200–1250 • The Age of Invention 1250–1300 • Time of the Great Famine and Black Death 1300–1350 • The Age of Medieval Romance 1350–1400 • Late Middle Ages 1400–1430 • Early Renaissance 1430–1465 • The Age of Exploration 1465–1500 High Renaissance 1500–1525 • Time of the Conquistadors 1525–1550 • Time of the Wars of Religion 1550–1575 • The Golden Age 1575–1600 • Late Renaissance 1600–1625 • The Colonial Era 1625–1650 • The Age of Puritanism 1650–1675 • The Age of the Buccaneers 1675–1700 • The Age of Enlightenment 1700–1725 • Late Baroque Period 1725–1750 Rococo Period 1750–1775 • Era of the American and French Revolutions 1775–1800 • The Age of the Industrial Revolution 1800–1820 • The Age of the Pioneer Settlers 1820–1840 The Golden Age of the Railways 1840–1860 • Era of the American Civil War 1860–1880 The Second Industrial Revolution 1880–1900 • The Turn of the Twentieth Century 1900–1920 • Twenties & Thirties 1920–1935 • Thirties & Forties 1935–1950 • Fifties & Sixties 1950–1970 • Seventies & Eighties 1970–1985 • Modern Times 1985–present day

About the Author

John Peacock has worked as a fashion and costume designer and lecturer in fashion history. He was for several years senior costume designer for BBC Television, and is the author of many books on costume.