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Royal Opera House (Pocket Photo Books)

Harry Cory Wright, Alex Beard CBE

Costume and Fashion (World of Art)

James Laver, Amy de La Haye, Andrew Tucker


Anna Jackson Out of stock

Shoes (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Lucy Johnston, Linda Woolley


Charles Fréger

Textiles of the Banjara

Charlotte Kwon, Tim McLaughlin

Portraits in Lace

Charles Fréger


Alex Ross

The Worldwide History of Dress: Arabic Edition

Patricia Rieff Anawalt Out of stock

Vintage Fashion Complete

Nicky Albrechtsen

Fashion Photography Next

Magdalene Keaney

Textiles of the Islamic World

John Gillow Out of stock

India Fantastique

Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla Out of stock

Textiles: A World Tour

Catherine Legrand Out of stock

The Crown Jewels

Anna Keay

Fashion Designers at the Opera

Helena Matheopoulos Out of stock

The Jewelry of Southeast Asia

Anne Richter Out of stock