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New Paris Style

Danielle Miller


An inspirational and intimate look at the interiors of the hottest creative talents in the City of Light

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New Paris Style gives a fresh look into the homes of the most exciting creative talents in Paris – individuals from the music, fashion, design, film and art worlds.

The twenty-seven properties photographed exclusively for the book are ranged across the city’s grooviest, on-the-edge arrondissements – from the elevated bohemianism of the Left Bank to the trendy Marais and the edgier Belleville and 13th – and reflect the cosmopolitan melting pot that influences Paris’s design trends.

Homes include those of creative director Jean-Christophe Aumas, interior designers Pierre Yovanovitch and Florence Baudoux, fashion designer Corrado de Biase, jewelry designer Martha Bedoya, antiques dealer Florence Lopez, product designers Ora-Ïto and Victoria Wilmotte, illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme and actor and singer Marc Lavoine.

Aimed at those who dream of revamping their city crash pads, or who want to inject glamour into their personal spaces, New Paris Style is packed with creative and inspiring ideas – wherever you live.

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'Twenty-seven great Parisian flats, every one modern, interesting and full of good design ideas that we would do well to copy on this side of the Channel'
Sunday Telegraph

'Discover fresh, continental home inspiration as you peek into the private dwellings of some of the most exciting talents in Paris'
Mail on Sunday

'This is all about le bon chic … it is graphic, inventive, personal'
Vogue Living

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Format: PLC (with jacket)

Size: 25.0 x 23.0 cm

Extent: 224 pp

Illustrations: 363

Publication date: 24 September 2012

ISBN: 9780500516300

Contents List

Introduction: Style in the City • I II III IV Arrondissements: Bianca Lee Vasquez+Vincent Freym stylist, textiles company director • Sarah+Marc Lavoine interior designer, actor • Isabelle Stanislas, architect • Josephine+Emmanuel Gintzburger, interior designer, fashion director • Hervé Sauvage, set designer • Ora-Ïto, product designer • Corrado deBiase, fashion designer • Armel Soyer+Gilles Pernet, gallerist, photographer • Valérie Mazerat, architect • Arrondissements V VI VII IX Jean-Philippe+Sophie-Anne Delhomme, illustrator, author • Mathilde l’Ecotais+Thierry Marx photographer, chef • Florence Lopez+Patrick Hernandez, antiques dealer, architect • Pierre Yovanovitch interior designer • Stéphane Ghestem architect • Sacha Walckhoff fashion designer • Éric Allart antiques dealer • Arrondissements X XI XII XIII: Jean-Christophe Aumas creative director • Yvan Mispelaere creative director • Régis Dho interior designer • Victoria Wilmotte product designer • Philippe+Patricia Jousse gallerists • Stéphane Parmentier interior designer • Arrondissements XIV XV XVI XVII XX: Sophie Le hat artist • Élisa+Michael Catoir interior designers • Florence Baudoux interior designer • Martha Bedoya jewelry designer • Hélène+Laurent Chapuis graphic designer, marketing director • Directory

About the Author

Richard Powers’ books include The Iconic House, Beyond Bawa and New Natural Home, all published by Thames & Hudson.

Danielle Miller is a design writer who contributes to numerous publications, including The World of Interiors, Vogue Living and various editions of Elle Decoration and Architectural Digest.

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Richard Powers

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