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Manufacturing Processes for Textile and Fashion Design Professionals

Rob Thompson

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Comprehensive and fully cross-referenced, this book provides copious information about applications, cost, speed and the environmental impact of over 70 manufacturing processes for fashion and textiles professionals


Today's textile and fashion designers are presented with a myriad of choices when creating their work and preparing it for manufacture. Knowledge about materials and processes helps designers to create textiles and products that can be manufactured effectively, sometimes thousands of miles from their studio, as well as inspiring entirely new approaches to design. This fundamental new resource explores established, traditional, emerging and innovative techniques and materials used in textile and fashion design.

This fundamental new resource explores established, traditional, emerging and innovative production techniques and materials used in textile and fashion design. Organized into four main parts - Fibre and Yarn Technology, Textile Technology, Construction Technology, and Materials - parts one to three explain over 70 major processes in detail, each featuring a technical description, an analysis of the applications, design opportunities and considerations, quality, cost, speed and environmental impact. All of the processes feature detailed step-by-step case studies showing the process ‘in manufacture’ at a leading international supplier. Part four features essential knowledge on over 60 natural and man-made materials.

Comprehensive, highly accessible and fully cross-referenced, this book provides professional designers with the information they need about the applications, cost, speed and environmental impact of each process. With over 2,000 specially commissioned photographs and technical diagrams, this is the indispensable, reliable, convenient and highly accessible practical reference for all textile and fashion designers that will enable them to make inspired decisions in their design projects.

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Format: Hardback

Size: 28.0 x 21.5 cm

Extent: 544 pp

Publication date: 20 October 2014

ISBN: 9780500517413

Contents List

How to use this book * Introduction Part One: Fibre and Yarn Technology Preparation * Wool and Hair * Cotton * Bast Fibres * Leaf Fibres * Silk Formation * Filament Spinning * Staple Yarn Spinning * Plying and Twisting * Braiding Part Two: Textile Technology Weave * Loom Weaving * Fancy Loom Weaving * Handloom Weaving * Pile Weaving * Machine Weaving Lace * Hand Weaving Lace * Basket Weaving Knit * Weft Knitting * Circular Knitting * Warp Knitting Other Sheet * Nonwoven * Leather Tanning * Natural Rubber and Latex * Foam * Plastic Film Extrusion * Laminating * Stitch Bonding Finishing * Scouring and Mercerizing * Stretching and Shrinking * Napping and Sueding * Calendering and Embossing * Fluid Coating * Spread Tow and Fabric Prepreg Decorating * Dyeing * Resist Dyeing * Hand Block Printing * Screen printing * Transfer Printing * Digital Printing * Flocking * Tufting * Embroidery Part Three: Construction Technology Cutting * Joining * Molding Part Four: Materials Plant Fibres * Fibrous Wood, Grass and Leaves * Natural Protein Fibres * Leather and Fur * Regenerated Fibres * Synthetic Materials * Special Purpose Materials Directory Glossary and Abbreviations * Featured Companies * Further Reading * Credits and Acknowledgments * Index

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Martin Thompson has received D&AD, Campaign Press, One Show and British Lion awards for his advertising photography.

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