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Yves Saint Laurent and Art

Mouna Mekour, Stephan Janson, Madison Cox


Reiko Sudo, Naomi Pollock

Silk: Fibre, Fabric and Fashion (Victoria and Albert Museum) (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Lesley Ellis Miller, Ana Cabrera Lafuente, Claire Allen-Johnstone


Anna Jackson

Dress [with] Sense

Christina Dean, Hannah Lane, Sofia Tärneberg Out of stock

The Craft Companion

Ramona Barry, Rebecca Jobson

India Fantastique

Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla

Make Your Mark

Tristan Manco


Hannah Lane, co-author of 'Dress with Sense: The Practical Guide to a Conscious Closet', is at the forefront of sustainability in fashion and working to reduce waste in the fashion and textile industry. Here she talks about the positive changes that people can make to benefit their wardrobe, their pocket and the environment.

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