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Frida Kahlo (New Horizons)

Christina Burrus

The Pyramids of Giza (New Horizons)

Jean-Pierre Corteggiani Out of stock

Egon Schiele (New Horizons)

Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Dada (New Horizons)

Marc Dachy Out of stock

J. M. W. Turner

Olivier Meslay

Aboriginal Australians (New Horizons)

Stephen Muecke, Adam Shoemaker

Tibet (New Horizons)

Françoise Pommaret Out of stock


Philippe Thiébaut Out of stock

The Calendar (New Horizons)

Jacqueline de Bourgoing Out of stock

Colour (New Horizons)

François Delamare, Bernard Guineau

Petra (New Horizons)

Christian Augé, Jean-Marie Dentzer

The Search for Ancient China

Corinne Debaine-Francfort, Paul Bahn

Mughal India

Valérie Berinstain


Denis Guedj, Lory Frankel Out of stock

Leonardo da Vinci

Alessandro Vezzosi, Alexandra Bonfante-Warren