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Global Art (Art Essentials)

Jessica Lack


An essential guide to the multifarious and increasingly connected world of global art from 1900 to today.

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Jessica Lack introduces fifty pioneering modern and contemporary art movements born out of political engagement, decolonization, marginalization or conflict. These movements have aimed to revitalize society by challenging the status quo. While not as well known as Pop Art, Dada and Futurism, these associations of artists – such as the Saqqakhaneh artists of Iran, the Stridentists of Mexico, Jikken Kobo of Japan or America’s AfriCobra – have empowered and given voice to their members.

Global Art brings unfamiliar material to life by exploring the unique historical context for each art movement, key cultural events and interconnections, and the key protagonists in the movement’s evolution.

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'A wonderfully illustrated and vividly written corrective to the assumption that radical art is the preserve of the west'
Jennifer Higgie, Frieze

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Format: Paperback

Size: 21.6 x 13.8 cm

Extent: 176 pp

Illustrations: 85

Publication date: 17 September 2020

ISBN: 9780500295243

Contents List

Introduction • Imperialism & Revolution: The Bengal School • Stridentism (Movimiento Estridentista) • Zenitism • Afrocubanismo • Art of the New Culture Movement • The Modern Woodcut Movement • Anthropophagia • Négritude Movement • Egyptian Surrealism • Calcutta Group • Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención and Arte Madi • PostWar & Independence: The European School • The Progressive Artists’ Group • Huroufiyah • The Khartoum School • Reportage Painting • Experimental Workshop (Jikken Kobo) • Saqqakhaneh Artists • The Zaria Rebels • Dakar School • Dissident Identities & Resistance: El Techo De La Ballena • New Tendencies Movement • Dvizenije Group • Spiral Aktual Art • Oho Movement • Mass Mediatic Art • Caribbean Artist Movement • Pan-Africanism • Mono-Ha • The Mural Movement • Identity & Transnationalism: The Aouchem Movement • Bikyoto • Africobra • The New Vision Group • Feminist Video • Moscow Conceptualists • Dansaekhwa • Laboratoire Agit’art • Fight Censorship Group • The Indonesian New Art Movement • The Pattern And Decoration Movement • The Politics of Art: Grupo Antillano • Colectivo De Acciones De Arte • Minjung Art Movement • British Black Arts Movement • 85 Art Movement • The Kerala Radicals • Useful Art Movement • Black Lives Matter

About the Author

Jessica Lack is a writer with a focus on modern and contemporary art. She was a correspondent for the Guardian and is the author of several books, including Why Are We ‘Artists’?: 100 World Art Manifestos.

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