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Givenchy Catwalk (Catwalk)

The Complete Collections Alexandre Samson, Anders Christian Madsen

Karl Lagerfeld: A Life in Houses

Patrick Mauriès, Marie Kalt

Magnum Magnum

Brigitte Lardinois, Olivia Arthur

Hokusai's Fuji

Katsushika Hokusai, Kyoko Wada

A book unlike any other: The making of An Atlas of Es Devlin

'An Atlas of Es Devlin' has sold out in record time and is currently reprinting. Here, Thames & Hudson Production Controller Julie Bosser takes us behind the scenes, showing what it takes to pull off this ‘tour de force of bookmaking’ – and why it's worth every second.

Podcast: Splendour, water, and light: The immense art history of Venice

In this episode, art critic Martin Gayford takes us on a breathtaking journey through five centuries of art history in Venice, exploring masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, Peggy Guggenheim’s palazzo, the kaleidoscopic Venice Biennale and more.

What everyone's saying about An Atlas of Es Devlin

From The New York Times to Vogue, the reviews are in for Es Devlin's experiential publication, spanning 30 years of her genre-defying career.

Podcast: Collaboration: A Potential History of Photography

This unmissable episode takes on the vast history of photography, unpacking the myth of single creatorship, and exploring the many complex relationships at play in image-making.
Author Interviews

'Hope is best expressed in colour': Joel Meyerowitz on the power of colour photography

We sit down with legendary photographer Joel Meyerowitz to explore his foundational work with colour.

‘Renaissance eyes are fixed on this life’: The defining truths of Renaissance art

In this extract from ‘Earthly Delights’, Jonathan Jones delves into the worlds of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and more, exploring how the Renaissance created ‘a new way of experiencing the world.’

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