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An extraordinary opportunity to see a newly restored version of Eisenstein’s masterpiece 'October' (1927) screened at the Berlin Film Festival in 2012, alongside Edmund Meisel's original 1928 score played live by the London Symphony Orchestra.

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During a period of huge political tension between East and West, Harry Gruyaert photographed two worlds apparently in polar opposition – Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 1981, and Moscow in 1989. A new book reproduces almost 100 photographs from these series, over 70 for the first time.

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Alice Hawkins is a photographer: fashion is just part of what she does, combining it with other elements to produce something different, a celebration of her subjects that gives them ‘a platform to speak to the world’. Armed with wit and her remarkable blonde hair, Alice shoots for publications including 'POP', 'LOVE', 'i-D', 'Ponystep', 'Garage' and 'Vogue'.

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