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Silk: Fibre, Fabric and Fashion (Victoria and Albert Museum) (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Lesley Ellis Miller, Ana Cabrera Lafuente, Claire Allen-Johnstone

Artisan Design

Judith Gura

Utsuwa: Japanese Objects for Everyday Use

Kylie Johnson, Tiffany Johnson Out of stock


Matthew Shlian, Eric Broug, Stuart Kestenbaum, Lawrence Weschler, Diana Gaston

Craftland Japan

Uwe Röttgen, Katharina Zettl


Charlotte Vannier

think and make like an artist

Claudia Boldt, Eleanor Meredith

Drawing and Painting

Kate Wilson Out of stock

Creative Living Country

Chloe Grimshaw, Luke White Out of stock

People of Print

Marcroy Smith, Andy Cooke, Danielle Pender, Andrew Losowsky, Lawrence Zeegen Out of stock


Amber Creswell Bell

Create Your Own Brooches

Corinne Alagille Out of stock

I Can Make My Own Accessories

Georgia Vaux, Louise Scott-Smith Out of stock

India Fantastique

Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla

Tote Bags (A Craft Studio Book)

Sonia Lucano Out of stock


These artisan makers represent the very best in contemporary Japanese craft, as they carry on centuries-old traditions with skill and ingenuity. Here are five craft studios working in the arts of Japanese papermaking, lacquerware, iron casting, indigo dyeing and wood-turning.

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Mountain fog, indigo farms and a friendly Shiba Inu. From first idea to final design flourish, head behind the scenes of 'Craftland Japan' and discover how a six-month campervan road trip became a printed celebration of Japanese craft.

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