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Tony T-Rex’s Family Album

A History of Dinosaurs!

Rob Hodgson, Michael J. Benton


A humorous history of dinosaurs told straight from the mouth of Earth's last surviving dinosaur, Tony T-Rex

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Tony T-Rex is the last dinosaur on Earth, and he’s here to give the inside scoop on what real dinosaurs were actually like, recounting the life and times of the twenty most memorable dinosaurs ever to exist. Casting his memory back to the beginning of the Jurassic to the end of the Cretaceous period, Tony’s album includes his family’s proudest moments and most precious memories, as well as previously unpublished family secrets. It’s an exclusive and you heard it here first, straight from the dino’s mouth.


'Wonderful illustrations … a super book to generate enthusiasm'
Parents in Touch

'An utterly charming book … gorgeous artwork and a sharp sense of humour'
Geek Ireland

Product Information

Book Details

Format: PLC

Size: 30.0 x 23.0 cm

Extent: 64 pp

Publication date: 25 April 2019

ISBN: 9780500651681

Contents List

Who’s Who? • Digging Up Family Secrets • Great Hall of Fossils • Where on Earth? • Find Your Own Fossils • Dino Words

About the Author

Rob Hodgson is a British designer and illustrator. He is the author and illustrator of The Woods and The Cave, and the illustrator of An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Beings, Tattoo Time! Monster Activity, A Good Day for a Hat and Tony T-Rex’s Family Album.

Michael Benton is a palaeontologist who has made fundamental contributions to understanding the history of life, particularly concerning how biodiversity changes through time. He has led in integrating data from living and fossil organisms to generate phylogenies — solutions to the question of how major groups originated and diversified through time. This approach has revolutionised our understanding of major questions, including the relative roles of internal and external drivers on the history of life, whether diversity reaches saturation, the significance of mass extinctions, and how major clades radiate. A key theme is the Permo–Triassic mass extinction, the largest mass extinction of all time, which took place over 250 million years ago, where he investigates how life was able to recover from such a devastating event. Michael has written engaging books for children on the theme of dinosaurs, as well as a significant number of palaeontology textbooks for university students. He founded the MSc in Palaeobiology at Bristol in 1996, from which more than 450 students have graduated. He has supervised more than 70 PhD students.