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70 Sustainable Plants That Are Changing How We Eat

Kevin Hobbs, Artur Cisar-Erlach, Katie Kulla


An illustrated celebration of sustainable and often little-known edible plants from around the world that are revolutionizing how we grow, eat and appreciate food

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Many of the world’s edible plants have been cultivated by humankind over thousands of years and yet more than half of our diet is made up of just three: wheat, maize and rice. There are many thousands more we can make use of to create a more sustainable food future.

Offering the reader an extraordinary peek into the tasty world of plants, Edible explores fascinating plants from every continent, including grains and vegetables alongside quirky local staples, from the little-known spice grains of paradise to the dandelion and Irish moss. Highlighting common ways each plant is cooked and eaten, each plant profile provides vital information on climatic and growing conditions, nutrition, flavour and even unexpected medicinal properties. With a directory of places to find and purchase featured plants and accompanying resources at the end of the book, this visually appealing compendium offers both a deeper appreciation and understanding of the huge diversity of edible plants and a rich source of inspiration for readers to discover, try and grow new food for themselves.

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'A remarkable and extremely beautiful book… I love everything about it, the text, the wonderful illustrations and the persuasive message. Food for thought indeed'
Joanna Lumley

'A cheerfully illustrated guide to some of the hardiest, and tastiest, treats Mother Nature has to offer, with helpful tips on where to find each plant and how to use it'
New York Times

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Format: Hardback

Size: 25.0 x 19.0 cm

Extent: 208 pp

Illustrations: 164

Publication date: 21 September 2023

ISBN: 9780500025611

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Gurganyan • African Baobab • Grains of Paradise • Winged Kelp • Hopniss • Great Burdock • Breadfruit • American Pawpaw • Mediterranean Saltbush • Peach Palm • Desert Date • Vine Spinach • Kochia • Wax Gourd • Palmyra Palm • Safflower • Sea Grapes • Plumed Cockscomb • Carob • Irish Moss • Coffee Cherry • Cornelian Cherry • Tiger Nut • Fonio Millet • Vegetable Fern • Ebbing’s Silverberry • Mountain Spinach • Enset • Culantro • Bolivian Fuchsia • Roselle • Sea Buckthorn • Yuki Urui • Sweet Potato Leaves • Sweet Bush Mango • Indian Butter Tree • Acerola Cherry • Sapodilla • Spanish Lime • Oysterleaf • Murnong • Moringa • Red Banana • Yangmei • Nutmeg • Prickly Pear • African Rice • Safou • Jicama • Henon Bamboo • Tomatillo • Vallonea Oak • Black Radish • Cosconilla • Loquat • Marsh Samphire • Marula • Heirloom Potatoes • Tamarind • Dandelion • Prekese • Chinese Toon • Water Caltrop • Moth Bean • Bambara Groundnut • Fox Grape • Yellowhorn • Sansho • Jujube • Marine Rice

Agroforestry • Plant Breeding and Diversity • Foraging • The Future of Bread • Climate Change and Plants • Indigenous Food Systems • Plants in Space • Plant-based Foods • Surprising Plant Flavours • Food as Medicine

About the Author

Kevin Hobbs is a UK-based professional grower and plantsman with over thirty years' experience in the horticulture industry. He is the author of The Story of Trees and Herbaceous Perennials, Hillier's Gardener's Guide. Artur Cisar-Erlach is an ecologist and food expert based in Vienna, whose work spans the fields of food and ecotourism. He is the author of The Flavor of Wood. Katie Kulla is an illustrator, writer and farmer based in Oregon in the United States.