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  • Dart and Dive across the Reef (Extreme Environments)

    Life in the world’s busiest reefs

    Vassiliki Tzomaka


    A journey through the world’s oceans, uncovering the incredible co-dependencies between fish, marine animals and reef corals

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    The latest title in Vassiliki Tzomaka's 'Extreme Environments' series takes young readers on a gloriously illustrated journey through the world's reefs to discover the remarkable diversity of life they contain.

    Across thirteen unique locations in tropical and cold waters, children will discover the rich variety of marine life that relies on coral reefs for survival, from corals and turtles, to fish, crustaceans and marine mammals. The book ends with a focus on the challenges facing coral reefs today and small ways that they can help protect these environments.

    By taking a scientific approach to illustrated non-fiction, Dart and Dive Across the Reef raises awareness of the marine world in a way that makes the subject fascinating, engaging and deeply impressive to young children.

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    'Visits to 'rainforests of the sea' found around the world [with] brilliantly patterned images of characteristic fish and other residents... Worth an exploratory dive, both for the art and diversity of locales'
    Kirkus Reviews

    'An amazingly colourful journey across the reefs of the world'

    'Captivating... The bold blocks of colour leap off the page, immersing you in the magic of the underwater world. The perfect read for your little (and big!) ocean lovers!'

    'Are you or your kiddos fans of marine life or oceanography? If so you're going to love this'

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    Product Information

    Book Details

    Format: PLC

    Size: 30.0 x 23.0 cm

    Extent: 56 pp

    Publication date: 5 August 2021

    ISBN: 9780500652312

    Contents List

    What is a reef?
    Great Barrier Reef
    Solomon Island Reefs
    Night-time on the reef
    Hawksbill turtle
    Raja Ampat Islands
    Apo Reef
    Galápagos Islands
    Cocos Island National Park
    Reef babies
    The slender seahorse
    Aleutian Islands
    Cold water fish
    Røst Reef
    The Great Blue Hole
    Reef invertebrates
    Reef fish
    Red Sea Reefs
    Symbiosis on the reef
    The orange anemone fish
    Comoros Islands
    Atolls of the Maldives
    Deadly creatures
    Defence mechanisms
    Noise on the reef
    Ningaloo Reef
    Reefs at risk
    Saving the seas

    About the Author

    Vassiliki Tzomaka is a designer and illustrator based in Colchester, UK. She has a PhD in illustration from the Centre for Children’s Book Illustration, Cambridge School of Art. For the 'Extreme Environments' series she has drawn on her BSc in chemistry and MA in environmental studies to devise a distinctive visual approach to introducing children to the life in extreme environments.