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Creators of Modern China

Jessica Harrison-Hall, Julia Lovell

The Chinese Myths (Myths)

Tao Tao Liu

China Adorned

Professor Qiyao Deng, Cat Vinton

Shop Cats of China

Marcel Heijnen, Catharine Nicol, Ian Row

Yves Saint Laurent: Dreams of the Orient

Aurélie Samuel, Madison Cox, Charles Ange Ginesy Out of stock

Magnum China

Colin Pantall, Zheng Ziyu, Jonathan Fenby

Chinese Movie Magazines

Paul Fonoroff

Chineasy® Travel


China (British Museum)

Jessica Harrison-Hall

When Life Nearly Died

Michael J. Benton

The Greeks in Asia

John Boardman

An Era Without Memories

Jiang Jiehong Out of stock


Professor Jiehong Jiang talks about contemporary art in the context of the unprecedented cultural, political and urban transformations in post-Mao China.

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As world powers realign their cultural, economic and political outlooks, there is no better time to consider Afro-Eurasia’s complex network of ancient trade routes.

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Many of Magnum’s most renowned photographers have photographed China, returning time and again, their fascination growing in line with the country’s burgeoning accessibility and international influence. We take a look at some of the stunning photos from 'Magnum China'.

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Since the birth of the Chinese movie industry in 1920, over 300 movie periodicals were created; although little trace now remains of that once-flourishing print genre, 'Chinese Movie Magazines' collates and contextualizes more than 500 full-colour covers, “from Charlie Chaplin to Chairman Mao”.

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With her newest title in the 'Chineasy' series, YouTube sensation Shaolan introduces a pocket-sized guide to characters, words, phrases, culture and traditions for travellers of all types.

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It's hard to think of anyone who could have created 'The Grammar of Spice' with its seamless weaving of decoration and reference, poetry and history. As a designer, Caz Hildebrand has worked on books by some of the people most responsible for broadening the vocabulary of seasoning in western cooking, notably Yotam Ottolenghi, and Sam and Sam Clark of Moro. And, as we shall see, she has had her own journey through the understanding of global cuisines, which has tied into her own work.

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How do writers and citizens in the different countries of the world view their own past? What key events and influences shaped those perspectives? And how accurate are the views from foreign commentators? In 'Histories of Nations' leading writers and scholars from 28 countries give thoughtful, engaging accounts of their own nations history. Read an exclusive introductory extract here.

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