Art Deco

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Jeweled Splendours of the Art Deco Era

Princess Catherine Aga Khan, Pierre Rainero Out of stock


Patrick Mauriès, Évelyne Possémé Out of stock

The Art Deco Poster

William W. Crouse

Art Deco Sculpture

Alastair Duncan

Art Deco Collectibles

Rodney Capstick-Dale, Diana Capstick-Dale

Jewelry by Suzanne Belperron

Patricia Corbett, Ward Landrigan, Nico Landrigan, Karl Lagerfeld Out of stock

Classic Contemporary

Tim Gosling


When it comes to looking at pictures, where do you start? This is the question that Susan Woodford answers with deft candour in her ‘Art Essentials’ title, 'Looking at Pictures'. We sat down with Susan to discuss what people ‘need to know’ to enjoy art.

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Art Deco Sculpture

From sinuous curves to machine-age lines, the shape of Art Deco sculpture held up a mirror to its turbulent age.

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