Lost tombs and mysterious treasures: Our top books on Egyptology

Posted on 25 Mar 2020

Immerse yourself in the history of ancient Egypt with these breathtaking Egyptology books. Covering the latest scholarship and most remarkable archaeological discoveries, these books span millennia of ancient Egyptian art, culture, architecture, religion and mystery.

Second Coffin, taken by Sandro Vannini. © Zahi Hawass / Laboratoriorosso s.r.l.

Ancient Egyptian Magic

Magic was at the heart of ancient Egyptian culture – from health and medicine to the Book of the Dead. Ancient Egyptian Magic draws on the latest scholarship to celebrate ancient Egyptian magicians in a light-hearted and entertaining way.

Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt

Few names in ancient Egyptian history are as familiar to us as Imhotep, Nefertiti and Cleopatra, yet their tombs have never been found. Could archaeologists discover their final resting places in our lifetime? Searching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt by Chris Naunton explores this question and more.

Giza and the Pyramids

In this monumental survey of the Giza Necropolis, every aspect of the famous site is examined by two of the world’s most eminent Egyptologists, Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass. Their unique and personal insights are coupled with extensive photography of the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World in Giza and the Pyramids.


Tutankhamun is a breathtaking volume drawing readers into the glittering world of the Pharaoh. Its stunning photography reveals exquisite details of the boy king’s treasures – treasures that have held us enthralled since their discovery almost 100 years ago.

Egyptian Art (World of Art)

Our understanding of ancient Egypt is defined by the art that has survived. In Egyptian Art (World of Art), Bill Manley explores more than 3000 years of civilization told through painting, sculpture and architecture, revealing the context of the Pharaohs who commissioned them and the artists who created them.

Ancient Egyptian Magic

A Hands-on Guide Christina Riggs

Giza and the Pyramids

Mark Lehner, Zahi Hawass


The Treasures of the Tomb Zahi Hawass, Sandro Vannini