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Introducing our new visual identity

Posted on 08 Mar 2020

We're excited to introduce our new visual identity to coincide with the relaunch of our long-standing World of Art series.

All logos, designed by Pentagram

Drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and diverse publishing programme, our new identity reinforces our position as the leading global publisher of illustrated books across all areas of creativity and culture.

Devised by leading design agency Pentagram, our refreshed look is both a modernisation and restoration of the brand.

A new modernist wordmark, informed by the artisanal nature of bookmaking, was created for use on book covers.

New wordmark, designed by Pentagram

A modernised reworking of our original cartouche was also introduced, containing a T&H monogram locked up with our long-standing dolphins symbol.

Book case blocking, designed by Pentagram

The neutral colour palette of cool and warm greys is a further nod to our rich history and was inspired by the original mosaic from our former office at Bloomsbury Street.

Original mosaic floor at Thames & Hudson’s Bloomsbury Street office

This week we also relaunch our longest-running series, the World of Art. Created in 1958 and now spanning more than 300 titles, the series brought affordable art books to a large reading public. Today, the series remains at the forefront of pioneering, high-quality art publishing but is moving with the times. Relaunched with a bold new look created by Dutch design studio Kummer & Herrman, the cover design features fluid shapes based on a grid inspired by the Golden Ratio, the system of mathematical proportion believed for millennia to be the secret of aesthetic harmony in nature, art and design.


World of Art series cover grid inspired by the Golden Ratio, designed by Kummer & Herrman

Watch this space for further news on the relaunched World of Art series.

World of Art series covers (Spring 2020 titles), designed by Kummer & Herrman