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A window into the fascinating life of Vincent van Gogh

Posted on 25 Jun 2020

Our beautiful books delve into the fascinating life of Vincent van Gogh, one of history's most iconic artists.

Image: Van Gogh, Still Life with a Plate of Onions, Arles, 1889

Though immortalised by his work, now among the most famous and most expensive in the world, Van Gogh was virtually unknown during his lifetime. Our books form a window into his troubled life, through a legacy of his favourite books, letters to his family, and of course, his paintings.

Vincent van Gogh: A Life in Letters

Vincent van Gogh: A Life in Letters is an illustrated selection of Van Gogh’s letters, allowing us to see his life and creative thinking in a fascinating new light.

Vincent's Books

Vincent’s Books is a new study of Van Gogh’s passion for books, taking the reader on an artistic-literary journey through Vincent’s favourite authors and works of literature.

Van Gogh Paintings: The Masterpieces

Van Gogh Paintings: The Masterpieces is dedicated to 100 of the artist’s most beautiful and unforgettable canvases, as well as a rich selection of lesser-known works.

Japanese Prints

Japanese Prints showcases and analyses Van Gogh’s collection of Japanese prints, exploring the key role they played in his creative output.

Vincent's Portraits

Vincent’s Portraits is an attractive and accessible survey of some of the world’s most popular images: the portraits and self-portraits of Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent's Gardens

Vincent’s Gardens is illustrated throughout with complete images and details of his garden paintings and drawings, traces Vincent’s lifelong fascination with the subject matter.

Vincent's Trees

Vincent’s Trees takes in the entire variety of Van Gogh’s treescapes, from the sparse, poplar-lined avenues of his native Netherlands to to the towering chestnuts that shaded the fashionable flâneurs of Parisian parks.