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An exploration of ideas and graphic form, from American technologist John Maeda


Hailed as one of the ‘21 Most Important People of the 21st Century’ by Esquire magazine in recognition of his contribution to contemporary visual culture, John Maeda’s mission is to forge links between computer science and the graphic arts. With his fascination for the untapped artistic power of computer programming and his conviction that the computer is not merely a tool but a powerful means of expression, Maeda has produced work that sits artfully between abstraction and craftsmanship.

An exploration of ideas and graphic form and a compendium of experience and experimentation that has taken a decade to gather, maedais the first publication to present Maeda’s entire output and to illuminate the philosophy and practice that drives it. At once a manifesto, a finely crafted manual and an inspirational sourcebook, this magnificent volume is destined to become a cornerstone of visual culture in the 21st century.

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'John Maeda deconstructs the digital world with the earned authority of an M.I.T.-trained computer scientist and a card-carrying artist. Being ambidextrous with Eastern and Western cultures, he can see things most of us overlook. The result is a humour and expression that brings out the best in computers and art'
Nicholas Negroponte

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Format: Paperback with flaps

Size: 22.3 x 20.5 cm

Extent: 480 pp

Publication date: 16 October 2000

ISBN: 9780500282359

About the Author

John Maeda is an American executive, designer, technologist. His work explores the area where business, design, and technology merge.

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Nicholas Negroponte