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Islamic Geometric Patterns

Eric Broug


The ultimate sourcebook and practical guide to Islamic geometric patterns, now updated with seven new compositions


With the aid of this book, everyone can learn how to create their own dazzling geometric patterns or re-create classic examples. All one needs is a pencil, a ruler, a compass – and a steady hand. Technical tips demonstrate the basics: how to draw a square, hexagon or pentagon. This is followed by some of the best examples of geometric patterns from around the world, from key buildings and artworks including La Mezquita (Spain), Cappella Palatina (Italy), the Umayyad Mosque (Syria) and the Shah Jahan Mosque (Pakistan). Arranged into levels of complexity, these are accompanied with carefully explained, step-by-step instructions.


'Highly recommended!'
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Product Information

Book Details

Format: Flexibound PLC (no jacket)

Edition Type: Revised and expanded edition

Size: 24.0 x 17.0 cm

Extent: 136 pp

Publication date: 17 January 2019

ISBN: 9780500294680

Contents List

Introduction • 1. The Basics • 2. Step-by-Step Construction: The Great Mosque of Cordoba; The Great Mosque of Kairouan; Mosque of Ibn Tulun; Esrefoglu Mosque; Capella Palatina; Ak Medrese; The ‘Abd al-Samad Complex; The Umayyad Mosque; The Great Mosque of Herat; Chella necropolis; The Alhambra; East Tower of Kharraqan; Shah Jahan Mosque; Al-Fahidi historical district; Mustansariyya Madrasa; Ben Yusuf Madrasa; Tomb of Itimad ud-Daula; The Alcazar; Mamluk Koran; Tomb of Bibi Jawindi; Qarawiyyin Mosque; Moulay Ishmael; Darwish Pasha Mosque • Further reading

About the Author

Eric Broug runs Broug Ateliers for Islamic Architecture, Arts and Crafts. He is also the author of Islamic Design Workbook and Islamic Geometric Design, both published by Thames & Hudson.

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