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Egyptian Mythology

A Traveller's Guide from Aswan to Alexandria

Garry J. Shaw


Join Egyptologist Garry J. Shaw on a tour up the Nile, through a beautiful and fascinating landscape populated with a rich mythology

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Join Egyptologist Garry J. Shaw on a tour up the Nile, through a beautiful and fascinating landscape populated with a rich mythology: the stories of Horus, Isis, Osiris, and their enemies and allies, tales of vengeance, tragedy and fantastic metamorphoses. The myths of ancient Egypt have survived in fragments of ancient hymns and paintings on the walls of tombs and temples, spells inked across coffins and stories scrawled upon scrolls. Shaw not only retells these stories with his characteristic wit, but also reconnects them to the temples and monuments that still stand today, offering a fresh look at the most visited sites in Egypt.

Shaw’s evocative descriptions of the ancient ruins will transport you to another landscape – including the magnificent sites of Dendera, Tell el-Amarna, Edfu and Thebes. At each site, discover which gods or goddesses were worshipped there, as well as the myths and stories that formed the backdrop to the rituals and customs of everyday life. Each chapter ends with a potted history of the site, as well as tips for visiting the ruins today. Illustrations
throughout bring to life the creation of the world and the nebulous netherworld, the complicated relationships between fickle gods, powerful magicians and pharaohs, and eternal battles on a cosmic scale. This is the perfect companion to the myths of Egypt and the gods and goddesses that shaped its ancient landscape.

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'I absolutely loved reading this book … Shaw has made Egyptian Mythology incredibly digestible, whilst linking it all to present-day Egypt in a unique and entertaining way. Any lover of Egyptian Mythology or travel (or both if you’re like me) needs to get their hands on this book'

'Shaw has made this the perfect companion to exploring the sites of Egypt by putting them in context with the myths of Egypt and the gods and goddesses that shaped its ancient landscape. His witty style also makes it easy to read and enjoy. A highly recommended read'
Timeless Travels

'An informative and practical guide to in-person travel … the beautiful presentation and well-researched but succinct approach also makes this a perfect companion for the armchair tourist'
British Museum Magazine

'This ambitious work clearly demonstrates the amazing complexity of Egyptian myth, legend, literature and belief'
Ancient Egypt Magazine

'Will appeal to even the seasoned Egyptophile, and it will be a welcome addition to the library of many armchair travellers'

'In this handsome volume – elegantly written and beautifully illustrated throughout – Shaw succeeds in turning the reader into the traveller and engages a wide audience in a wonderous and often strange world'

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Product Information

Book Details

Format: Hardback

Size: 21.6 x 13.5 cm

Extent: 272 pp

Illustrations: 58

Publication date: 14 October 2021

ISBN: 9780500252284

Contents List

1. Aswan: Deities at the Edge of the World
2. Edfu: Revenge and Triumph at the Temple of Horus
3. Thebes – East Bank: Home of the Hidden God
4. Thebes – West Bank: Celebrating with the Dead
5. Dendera: Blood and Beer at the Temple of Hathor
6. Abydos: Necropolis of the Murdered God
7. Hermopolis: The Wisdom and Magic of Thoth
8. Tell el-Amarna: Doomed City of the Sun Disc
9. The Faiyum Oasis: Crocodiles and the Warrior Goddess in the Land of Sobek
10. Memphis and its Necropolis: Pyramids, Legends and the Creator God Ptah
11. Heliopolis: Rebellion and Astronomy at the City of the Sun
12. Bubastis: City of the Cat Goddess
13. Pi-Ramesses: Legends of Ramesses and a Home for Seth
14. Alexandria: Serapis, Cleopatra and Alexander’s Lost Tomb

About the Author

Garry J. Shaw is an Egyptologist and travel writer who regularly writes for the Art Newspaper and has contributed to Apollo Magazine, History Today, Current World Archaeology and Timeless Travels. He is the author of The Egyptian Myths: A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends, also published by Thames & Hudson.