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Art of the Baltic States

Modernism, Freedom and Identity 1900–1950

Serge Fauchereau


A lavishly illustrated reference on a little-known chapter in art history – the art of the three Baltic States, covering a wide range of mediums, movements and styles

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The Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – retain strong cultural identities that have survived despite centuries of colonization by powerful neighbouring lands. Following the First World War, a particularly rich period of openness and international artistic exchange unfolded. Modernism in all its forms flourished, not only in painting but in sculpture, printmaking, photomontage and the decorative arts, ranging from the elegant abstraction of Arnold Akberg to the provocative figuration of Karlis Padegs and the experimental photography of Domicele Tarabildiene.

Serge Fauchereau covers all the leading art movements of this period as well as retracing the political background of the Baltic nations, from their time under the Tsars and the German crown to the domination of the Soviet Union. With each country showcased in its own lavishly illustrated section, this is a wonderful guide to a vibrant field in European art history that is often overlooked but deserves rediscovery and a place on the global stage.

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Format: PLC (no jacket)

Size: 25.5 x 19.5 cm

Extent: 256 pp

Illustrations: 195

Publication date: 20 January 2022

ISBN: 9780500025130

About the Author

Serge Fauchereau is a scholar and art critic. He was a professor of American literature at New York University, and has curated major exhibitions at the Pompidou Centre. He has published over twenty books, including a dozen monographs on such artists as Braque, Jean Arp, Kupka and Malevich.

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