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Art of the Andes (World of Art)

From Chavín to Inca

Rebecca R. Stone

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A unique overview of one of the greatest artistic traditions in history


Established as the best single-volume introduction to Andean art and architecture, this wide-ranging survey describes, among others, the strikingly varied artistic achievements of the Chavín, Paracas, Moche, Nasca, Chimú and Inca cultures. Their impressive cities, tall pyramids, intriguing earthworks, shining goldwork and intricate textiles constitute one of the greatest artistic traditions in history.

For this fully revised third edition, Professor Stone has rewritten and expanded the text throughout, touching on many of the recent discoveries and advances in the field. These include new work on the huge stone pyramids and other structures at Caral; continued excavations of Inca child sacrifices perched on mountaintops throughout the empire, with their perfectly preserved clothing and miniature offerings of metal, ceramics and shell; spectacular murals and the remarkable burial of a tattooed female warrior-leader at the Moche site of Huaca Cao Viejo; and many new finds of high-status textiles, along with fresh analyses of weaving technology and new interpretations of designs and motifs.

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'Fills a void in the genre ... excellent descriptions and interpretations'
Latin American Antiquity

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Book Details

Format: Paperback

Edition Type: Third edition

Size: 21.0 x 15.0 cm

Extent: 248 pp

Illustrations: 203

Publication date: 13 August 2012

ISBN: 9780500204153

Contents List

1. Introduction • 2. Early and Chavín Art •3. Paracas and Nasca • 4. Moche Art and Architecture • 5. Tiwanaku and Wari Imperial Styles • 6. Late Intermediate Period Styles • 7. Inca Art and Architecture

About the Author

Rebecca R. Stone is Associate Professor of Art History and Faculty Curator of Art of the Ancient Americas at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She has curated numerous exhibitions on ancient American art and is the author of To Weave for the Sun: Ancient Andean Textiles, also published by Thames & Hudson.

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