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Apocalypse Ready

The manual of manuals; a century of panic prevention

Taras Young


An expertly curated compilation of officially published step-by-step guides on how to deal with every kind of disaster imaginable, drawn from government archives all around the world from the 1910s to today

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Act now to avert calamity!

This expertly curated compilation of step-by-step survival advice, drawn from more than 100 years of official documentation from around the world, demonstrates how to deal with every kind of disaster imaginable. Life-saving strategies include how to:

Identify symptoms / Prevent transmission / Destroy contaminated material / Construct a facemask / Avoid infection / Administer treatment / Clean equipment

Natural Disaster
Tornado-proof your home / Find shelter during an earthquake / Assemble your survival kit / Fight a forest fire / Escape a flooded car / Identify edible plants

Nuclear Attack
Evacuate a city / Build a fallout shelter / Survive radiation poisoning / Operate a respirator / Protect livestock / Overcome trauma / Estimate damage

Alien Invasion
Detect extraterrestrial life / Search the skies / Identify flying objects / Transmit messages / Recognize hoaxes

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'A huge new pictorial history ... a masterclass in avoiding panic'
The Telegraph

Creative Review

'Assembles 100 years of government disaster advice from around the globe into a single volume'

'For those who approach bad news by laughing to keep from crying... In addition to humorous and ironic vintage illustrations and some dubious, outdated advice, there is useful advice too. It's up to the reader to decide which is which... If you aren't worried when you begin this book, you will be when you're done'
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Product Information

Book Details

Format: PLC

Size: 24.0 x 17.0 cm

Extent: 256 pp

Illustrations: 873

Publication date: 28 April 2022

ISBN: 9780500024317

Contents List


- Tuberculosis
- Spanish Flu
- Avian Flu and Hong Kong Flu
- Recent Viruses

Natural Disaster
- Extreme Weather
- When the Earth Moves
- Fighting Fire
- Survive in the Wild

Nuclear War
- Preparation
- Shelter
- Blast and Fallout

Alien Invasion
- We Come in Peace
- Is There Anyone Out There?
- What is the Truth?

About the Author

Taras Young is author of Nuclear War in the UK (2019) and of the blog Communicating the Unthinkable, and has written articles and essays for History Today, BBC History magazine, Fortean Times and Wellcome. He has been researching and collecting Cold War, natural disaster and alien invasion brochures, booklets and posters for over a decade and contributed material to the 2018 exhibition ‘War of Nerves’, a joint venture between the Wellcome Collection and the Wende Museum (USA).

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