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Behind the scenes of Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black

Naomi Parry, close friend and stylist of Amy Winehouse and curator of ‘Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black’ sits down with Associate Editor Phoebe Lindsley to discuss the ‘Amy worlds’ brought to life for the book – special sets celebrating Amy’s iconic fashion and punk attitude.

Podcast: 'Not your grandfather’s history of art'

Do you live in a human body? Then abstract art is for you. A refreshing reappraisal of the history of abstract art, this episode explores quilt-making and taste-making, constellations and curation, and what the walls of the Whitney can tell us about our world.

Painting, polyamory and enduring love: John Nash and Christine Kühlenthal

This moving extract from ‘John Nash: The Landscape of Love and Solace’ details the enduring and unconventional love shared by painter John Nash and Christine Kühlenthal. The fifty-eight-year relationship, which permitted ‘outside loves’, withstood time, distance and the horrors of war.

From Courbet to Kardashian: The self-portrait’s enduring power

Capturing and distributing pictures of oneself is hardly unique to ‘generation selfie’. Here we explore self-portraiture across the ages – including 16th-century influencers.

What happens when we look: David Campany on photography’s flux

In this essay from his book ‘On Photographs’, David Campany examines the seemingly ordinary act of looking at a photograph. Unpredictable and inscrutable, images, he argues, are anything but mundane.

Dot on: The rise and rise of Yayoi Kusama

At the age of 92, Yayoi Kusama is the world’s best-selling female artist. But on her path to success she’s had to grapple with trauma, poverty, sexism, and frightening hallucinations.

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