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An Illustrated History Roger Luckhurst

Todd Saunders: New Northern Houses

Dominic Bradbury, Todd Saunders

The Treasures of Tutankhamun

Garry Shaw

Boo! (A Flip Flap Pop Up Book)

Janik Coat, Bernard Duisit

Hauntingly good Halloween reads

Delve into a world of ghouls and ghosts, the occult and the undead (if you dare!). From the spooky to the downright sinister, these delightfully discomfiting reads will have you rapt.

Podcast: Sex work’s enthralling hidden history

In this fascinating and illuminating episode, sex historian and Whores of Yore creator Dr. Kate Lister explores the subject of her brand new book ‘Harlots, Whores & Hackabouts’, centring the voices of sex workers in a history too often laden with myth, stereotype and stigma.

Behind the scenes of Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black

Naomi Parry, close friend and stylist of Amy Winehouse and curator of ‘Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black’ sits down with Associate Editor Phoebe Lindsley to discuss the ‘Amy worlds’ brought to life for the book – special sets celebrating Amy’s iconic fashion and punk attitude.

Listen now: A delightfully gruesome tale from The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers

In 'The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers', gruesome fairy tales from around the world are re-told for contemporary readers. Here, author Jen Campbell reads one of the wonderfully grim tales from the book.

Quentin Blake on imagination, inspiration & the beauty of a biro

Legendary illustrator Quentin Blake sits down with House of Illustration Deputy Chair Claudia Zeff to chat ‘Quentin Blake: A Year of Drawings’, an uplifting portfolio of previously unpublished work and a powerful testament to pandemic creativity.

From Courbet to Kardashian: The self-portrait’s enduring power

Capturing and distributing pictures of oneself is hardly unique to ‘generation selfie’. Here we explore self-portraiture across the ages – including 16th-century influencers.

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