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World War II

Total War

Kate Clements, Paul Cornish, Vikki Hawkins, Margaret MacMillan Out of stock

World War II: Infographics

Jean Lopez, Vincent Bernard, Nicolas Aubin, Nicolas Guillerat, Jonathan Fenby

The Munich Art Hoard

Catherine Hickley

Lee Miller

Hilary Roberts Out of stock

The D-Day Atlas

Charles Messenger Out of stock

Lee Miller in Fashion

Becky E. Conekin Out of stock

Fit Men Wanted

The Imperial War Museums Out of stock

Forties Fashion

Jonathan Walford

The World of Coco Chanel

Edmonde Charles-Roux Out of stock


On the eve of World War Two, a Polish publisher took the unusual step of commissioning an advertising duo to illustrate some children’s verse. The result was a landmark in the history of picture books.

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Plywood is synonymous with flat-pack furniture or stacks of boards on a building site, but its remarkable versatility has made it indispensable in products from planes, cars and boats to architecture and furniture.

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