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Vogue Paris: 100 Years

Sylvie Lécallier, Alice Morin, Sophie Kurkdjian, Marlène van de Casteele, Alexis Romero, Jérôme Gautier, Pierre Ponant

Erik Madigan Heck: Old Future

Erik Madigan Heck

Alexander McQueen: Unseen

Robert Fairer

Lee Miller

Hilary Roberts

Lee Miller in Fashion

Becky E. Conekin Out of stock

Diana Vreeland

Amanda Mackenzie Stuart

Coming into Fashion

Nathalie Herschdorfer Out of stock

Beaton in Vogue

Josephine Ross

Fashion Drawing in Vogue

William Packer Out of stock


Tim Walker, one of the world’s most inventive photographers and contributor to magazines including 'Vogue', 'W' and 'Love', will be in conversation with V&A Curator Susanna Brown.

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Artist and fashion photographer Erik Madigan Heck, be signing copies of his book 'Erik Madigan Heck: Old Future' at Paris Photo.

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Author Rebecca Tuite explores the life and times of the under-appreciated Jessica Daves, one of only seven editors-in-chief of American 'Vogue', whose legacy has been ignored—until now.

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