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Houses That Can Save the World

Courtenay Smith, Sean Topham


Patrick Bingham-Hall, Nirmal Kishnani, Timothy Beatley


Sandra Piesik Out of stock

Dress [with] Sense

Christina Dean, Hannah Lane, Sofia Tärneberg

Material Innovation

Andrew H. Dent, Leslie Sherr

Contemporary Design Africa

Tapiwa Matsinde

Why Fashion Matters

Frances Corner

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

Sandy Black Out of stock

Remake It: Clothes

Henrietta Thompson Out of stock

Raw + Material = Art

Tristan Manco

Nano House

Phyllis Richardson

New Natural Home

Dominic Bradbury Out of stock

You Can Do It

Out of stock


Hannah Lane, co-author of 'Dress with Sense: The Practical Guide to a Conscious Closet', is at the forefront of sustainability in fashion and working to reduce waste in the fashion and textile industry. Here she talks about the positive changes that people can make to benefit their wardrobe, their pocket and the environment.

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