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Michael J. Benton, Bob Nicholls Out of stock

Biomimetics for Designers

Veronika Kapsali

The Elements

Philip Ball

The Sky

Hélène Druvert, Juliette Einhorn

Is Our Food Killing Us? (The Big Idea)

Joy Manning, Matthew Taylor

Secrets of the Universe

Paul Murdin


Hélène Druvert, Emmanuelle Grundmann

The History of Space Exploration

Roger D. Launius

What Shape Is Space? (The Big Idea)

Giles Sparrow, Matthew Taylor


Join Michael Benton, author of 'The Dinosaurs Rediscovered', at the British Science Festival to discover what dinosaurs would have actually looked like.

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As NASA marked its sixtieth anniversary in October last year, we looked back at some of the most important milestones in spaceflight and discovery, taken from 'The History of Space Exploration'.

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