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Product Design

Artisan Design

Judith Gura

Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Rafael Moneo, Sarah M. Whiting

Yves Béhar fuseproject

Yves Béhar, Adam Fisher

Japanese Design Since 1945

Naomi Pollock, Masaaki Kanai

Craftland Japan

Uwe Röttgen, Katharina Zettl

Digital Handmade

Lucy Johnston

Rethinking The Modular

Tido von Oppeln

The Art of Impossible

Bang & Olufsen Out of stock

New Nordic Design

Dorothea Gundtoft


The climate emergency is here, and it’s now up to individuals to take action. Part manual, part manifesto, 'Futurekind' presents transformative social and environmental projects that can inspire and empower each of us to protect our planet’s future. From elephant protection projects to responsibly-sourced smartphones, discover five exciting initiatives below.

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