New York

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I See a City: Todd Webb's New York

Todd Webb, Sean Corcoran, Daniel Okrent Out of stock

Richard Kalvar (Photofile)

Hervé Le Goff

Billie Holiday at Sugar Hill

Jerry Dantzic, Grayson Dantzic, Zadie Smith

Magnum Photos: New York

Magnum Photos

William Klein

Christian Caujolle

Louis Stettner

Louis Stettner Out of stock

Subway Art

Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant

Woody Allen

Tom Shone

William Helburn

William Helburn, Robert Lilly


An exhibition marking 50 years of pioneering work by the architect behind London's iconic building 'The Shard'

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In the over 70 years since the foundation of the world’s greatest photo agency, Magnum has achieved mythical status, becoming a byword for quality, integrity and arguably for photography itself. Its 91 members defy easy categorization, but together they share a commitment to photographic storytelling that transcends simplistic distinctions between art and reportage.

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