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Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925

Leah Dickerman Out of stock

Eternal Chanel

Jean Leymarie Out of stock

Egon Schiele (New Horizons)

Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Maison: Christian Liaigre

Herbert Ypma Out of stock

Egon Schiele

Jane Kallir, Ivan Vartanian

Russian and Soviet Theatre

Konstantin Rudnitsky, Lesley Milne Out of stock

The Shock of the New

Robert Hughes


Join Gail Levin, author of 'Lee Krasner: A Biography', to discover the story behind famous artist, Lee Krasner's, many paintings and to learn what made her the modernist that she was.

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Join Alan Powers, author of 'Bauhaus Goes West', to discuss Bauhaus' modernism and its continuing influence.

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Martin Gayford, author of the Sunday Times Art Book of the Year 'Modernists & Mavericks', examines the lives of 'the school of London Painters' with award-winning film director Hannah Rothschild.

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Join Spectator art critic Martin Gayford for a fascinating look at painting in London from the Second World War to the 1970s.

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Jasper Rees speaks to Martin Gayford, art critic for The Spectator, about Bacon, Freud, 'the school of London Painters', and his book, 'Modernists and Mavericks'.

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