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Vogue Paris: 100 Years

Sylvie Lécallier, Alice Morin, Sophie Kurkdjian, Marlène van de Casteele, Alexis Romero, Jérôme Gautier, Pierre Ponant Out of stock

Chinese Movie Magazines

Paul Fonoroff

The Story of The Face

Paul Gorman


Eyemazing Susan Out of stock

Coming into Fashion

Nathalie Herschdorfer Out of stock

Fashion Drawing in Vogue

William Packer Out of stock

The Great LIFE Photographers

The Editors of Life Out of stock

Fashion Illustration Next

Laird Borrelli Out of stock


Since the birth of the Chinese movie industry in 1920, over 300 movie periodicals were created; although little trace now remains of that once-flourishing print genre, 'Chinese Movie Magazines' collates and contextualizes more than 500 full-colour covers, “from Charlie Chaplin to Chairman Mao”.

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