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If These Apples Should Fall

T. J. Clark Out of stock

Mary Cassatt (World of Art)

Griselda Pollock

Vincent's Books

Mariella Guzzoni

Monet (World of Art)

James H. Rubin

Impressionist Cats

Susan Herbert Out of stock

A Chronology of Art

Iain Zaczek


Barbara Ehrlich White

In the Gardens of Impressionism

Clare A. P. Willsdon

Monet's Trees

Ralph Skea

How to Read an Impressionist Painting

James H. Rubin Out of stock

Egon Schiele (New Horizons)

Jean-Louis Gaillemin

Egon Schiele

Jane Kallir, Ivan Vartanian


Five need-to-know facts about the movement that shocked 19th century French society.

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