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Nature Style

Alana Langan, Jacqui Vidal, Annette O'Brien

A Room of Her Own

Robyn Lea

A Century of Colour in Design

David Harrison Out of stock

Mid-Century Modern Design

Dominic Bradbury

Furniture in Architecture

Aidan Walker, Tanya Harrod

Chair Anatomy

James Orrom


Agata Toromanoff Out of stock


Join Philip Long and Joanna Norman, co-authors of 'The Story of Scottish Design', at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to explore 500 years of Scottish design history.

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An evening with Chloe Grimshaw and Luke White in conversation with the designers and makers of 'Creative Living Country'.

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Plywood is synonymous with flat-pack furniture or stacks of boards on a building site, but its remarkable versatility has made it indispensable in products from planes, cars and boats to architecture and furniture.

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