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British Isles


Christopher Lloyd Out of stock

How to Build Stonehenge

Mike Pitts

Spirit of Place

Susan Owens

The Viking Great Army and the Making of England

Dawn Hadley, Julian Richards Out of stock

The Irish Diaspora

Turtle Bunbury Out of stock

The Book of Pebbles

Christopher Stocks, Angie Lewin

Unquiet Landscape

Christopher Neve

England's Forgotten Past

Richard Tames

Fifty English Steeples

Julian Flannery

The Romans Who Shaped Britain

Sam Moorhead, David Stuttard Out of stock

Blood of the Celts

Jean Manco Out of stock

Romantic Moderns

Alexandra Harris Out of stock

Derek Jarman Super 8

James Mackay Out of stock

Keep Britain Tidy

Hester Vaizey Out of stock

City Cycling London

Andrew Edwards, Max Leonard Out of stock

Derek Jarman's Sketchbooks (Deluxe Edition)

Stephen Farthing, Ed Webb-Ingall


This extract from Christopher Neve’s 'Unquiet Landscape' examines Paul Nash’s gift for capturing haunting feelings on canvas.

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