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The Andean Science of Weaving

Denise Y. Arnold, Elvira Espejo

Body Art (World of Art)

Nicholas Thomas

The Worldwide History of Dress

Dr Patricia Rieff Anawalt Out of stock

A New History of Witchcraft

Jeffrey B. Russell, Brooks Alexander


Leading British archaeologist, writer and broadcaster Paul Bahn led the team which discovered the first British Ice Age cave art. This evening he introduces some of the world’s most important archaeological sites from spectacular complexes unearthed in deserts and jungles to fascinating artworks and artefacts that bring us closer to the fundamentally creative nature of humanity.

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'Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World' brings to life ancient civilizations that have left their trace in our language and culture. Here, discover the lingering influences of the Sabine Women, Boudica and the Goths.

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