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Ancient Rome

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Cities that Shaped the Ancient World

John Julius Norwich

Ancient Rome: Infographics

Nicolas Guillerat, John Scheid, Milan Melocco, Philip Matyszak

The Sons of Caesar

Philip Matyszak

Rome in the Ancient World

David Potter

Pocket Museum: Ancient Rome

Virginia L. Campbell

The Romans Who Shaped Britain

Sam Moorhead, David Stuttard

Rome & the Sword

Simon James Out of stock

The Complete Roman Army

Adrian Goldsworthy


Philip Matyszak Out of stock

The Complete Roman Emperor

Michael Sommer Out of stock

The Greek and Roman Myths

Philip Matyszak


Troy is a city of the imagination, as much as an archaeological fact. A recent show at the British Museum explored the Trojan myths and truths that have captivated us for more than 3,000 years.

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Discover a love potion from the ancient world in this extract from 'Ancient Magic'.

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