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Ancient Rome

Cities that Shaped the Ancient World

John Julius Norwich

Ancient Rome: Infographics

Nicolas Guillerat, John Scheid, Milan Melocco, Philip Matyszak

The Sons of Caesar

Philip Matyszak

Rome in the Ancient World

David Potter

Pocket Museum: Ancient Rome (Pocket Museum)

Virginia L. Campbell Out of stock

The Romans Who Shaped Britain

Sam Moorhead, David Stuttard Out of stock

Rome & the Sword

Simon James Out of stock

The Complete Roman Army

Adrian Goldsworthy


Philip Matyszak Out of stock

The Complete Roman Emperor

Michael Sommer Out of stock


Troy is a city of the imagination, as much as an archaeological fact. A recent show at the British Museum explored the Trojan myths and truths that have captivated us for more than 3,000 years.

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Discover a love potion from the ancient world in this extract from 'Ancient Magic'.

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