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Contemporary Design Africa

Tapiwa Matsinde

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Natural Fashion

Hans Silvester Out of stock

Peter Beard (Photofile)

Christian Caujolle Out of stock

Swahili Chic

Bibi Jordan, Richard Leakey

World Textiles

John Gillow, Bryan Sentance Out of stock


Nick Brandt will be signing copies of his new book 'This Empty World' at Waddington Custom gallery in Mayfair.

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Yuval Zommer, author and illustrator, will be sharing amazing facts about some beastly characters from his new book: lions, tigers, bears, hippos, hyenas and many, many more!

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'It is better to be angry and active than angry and passive.' On the launch of his ambitious new series, 'This Empty World', photographer Nick Brandt talks to Thames & Hudson about apathy, 'environmental Armageddon', and why he chose to work in colour for the first time.

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Dr Sandra Piesik believes that we urgently need to start embracing local building traditions to help protect the environment.

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