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Theatres of Melancholy

Patrick Mauriès

Art Deco Sculpture

Alastair Duncan

Fashion and the Art of Pochoir

April Calahan, Cassidy Zachary


Sylvie Aubenas, Quentin Bajac Out of stock

Sirens & Sinners

Hans Helmut Prinzler Out of stock

Sonia Delaunay Fashion and Fabrics

Jacques Damase Out of stock


The new book that situates the ancient routes against the landscapes that defined them and honours the astonishing diversity in the way cultures advance and flourish, not in spite of their differences, but because of them.

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As NASA marked its sixtieth anniversary in October last year, we looked back at some of the most important milestones in spaceflight and discovery, taken from 'The History of Space Exploration'.

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Many of Magnum’s most renowned photographers have photographed China, returning time and again, their fascination growing in line with the country’s burgeoning accessibility and international influence. We take a look at some of the stunning photos from 'Magnum China'.

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Fashion and pop culture are rife with androgynous imagery but, look carefully, and it was there all along…

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